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DonkeyMails : Automatic No Minimum Payouts

Sekedar coba2lah skalian belajar ptc :D
And maen Referral skalian belajar gmana sih PTC tuh. :D, skalian sapa tau bisa menang :

Super 5 Cent Contest click PTC section.

You can now win 5 cent by Clicking the ads on this Page!

Each winner will be random. Not necessarily the one who clicked at 0 left. So, the more times you click the more chances of winning!

Every 250 clicks one winner will be chosen randomly to get the prize (5 CENT REAL CASH IN YOUR ACCOUNT!!!!).
Last winner: kvadroo
Next winner in: 186 clicks.

beruntung kali si kvadroo dan siapa lagi ntar selanjutnya

untuk daftarnya gratis di DonkeyMails