Socks clothes dompu - yogya limited supplies

For friends that in Jogja, socks of “Nggahi Rawi Pahu” dompu-jogja could be obtained by you. These socks initially emerged from several colleagues (dijogja definitely) that pengen had the identity of the area that could be known to be wide (in dompu –jogja).

In these socks of URL went along non-the goal. Because for the production of socks (not dompu-jogja) sendiiri still could not be carried out because of some consideration. The writer pengen him (if also Dou Dompu socks was made), there was Support Langsung from Pihak2 (the organisation) that was most notable in the page, like IKPMD, KOMPLID, FORPEDO, etc. (could be Supported By hehehehe). If friends that felt was in Jogja, you could at once order him to CP was supervised this with the price of Rp socks. 45,000.- plus the sticker of “Dou Dompu” (was not the same as the sticker that dibagi’in yesterday)

CP: Sahril 087839073699
Angga 081808321480
Ivan 085292642447

With the price of socks only Rp. 45,000.- The fund that will be gathered eventually will be made the donation for the page in order to be able to give information for all of us (we did not need money, but Space