Situs Polri Kena Deface

Berawal main2 di Dalnet Lah Lihat Privmsgnya Om lEO_rETRo : OWN3D !!!

dan di bukak deh tuh web.. awalna sih gk bisa kebukak, tapi setelah di pakek www jalan juga dia.

skrip shutna

Nah Isina Nih saat Di Copas

Our indonesian police are

"The 3rd corrupt organization in 2005
The 2nd corrupt organization in 2006
The most corrupt organization on 2007"

where the justice will go?!!

Today all indonesian police websites are

message to computer underground
- our next target are -

Indonesian selebrities which have willing to be part of politics
Have no experience in leading an "RT"
They wnat to lead a country??
What a joke!!

Where our country will go?!!

Help our country from this crisis!
by reborning the will of 1997/1998 reformation!