Got SunShop With RFI

Got SunShop with RFI not semudah got Desktop Re- beads Access to a machine that had the hole.

Many server hosting that had Sunshop and ShopAdmin, although both of them had the difference and their respective equality.

With controlled or knew the RFI technique or inject we could get several matters like username as well as password.

Even so with got cpanel or ftp, by using an implement, or the manual order from system we could get access to a machine.

Got Sunshop by means of inject searched config from a site and read the contents from config as well as began to see the available data in system.

To Protect system from the ignorant hands needed the existence of the search from the weakness that in had by the application from the site that in used, to minimise the occurrence of the taking of the data as well as the spread of the data.