Install BNC On Windows

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How To Install

1) Unzip the Use Winzip or PKZip. I suggest creating a directory on your computer called bnc - We are going to be using this for reference.

2) Open Notepad (Start Menu -> Run -> type "notepad" and hit Enter)

3) You should now be in the Notepad editor. Now you must configure the BNC. Go to the File Menu and select Open. Change the directory to the directory you unzipped the files into. Look for a file called bnc.cfg. If you do not see any files, there is a drop down box that says 'Files of Type' - if it says "Text Files" then click on it and change it to 'All Files'. You can also just type bnc.cfg in the 'File Name' box.

4) You are now editing the configuration. The short documentation that is in there preceded by a # explains all of the config settings. The first thing you need to do is assign a port to the BNC - this is the line that says "listen 9000". You can keep it at 9000 or change it to a port between 1 and 65535. I suggest keeping the port above 1024. Next change the password and adminpass lines. These define the password that is used to connect (the password line) and the password to control the BNC (boot people, view users, etc) - this is the adminpass line. Change it to whatever you want it to be - I suggest that they not be the same. The rest of the options can be left alone.

5) Once you have finished editing the configuration, save it as bnc.cfg. To do this, go to the File menu and select 'Save As...'. Make sure it is still in the same directory as the rest of the BNC files. Make sure the 'Save as Type' is 'All Files' and NOT 'Text Documents (*.txt)'. Type bnc.cfg in the 'File Name' box.

6) Now you are ready to run the BNC. You can run it by one of three ways:

A) Option 1 - go to the Start menu -> 'Run...' -> 'Browse...' -> then locate the BNC which is probably in c:\bnc\ (double click on bnc.exe or bnc282.exe) -> 'OK'.

B) Option 2 - Load the Windows Explorer (Start Menu -> Programs -> Windows Explorer OR Start Menu -> 'Run...' -> type explorer in the 'Open' box and hit enter.) and locate the BNC program and double click on bnc.exe (or bnc282.exe).

C) Option 3 - Make a shortcut on the Desktop (Right click on the Desktop -> New -> Shortcut -> 'Browse...' and then locate the BNC program and double click on bnc.exe (or bnc282.exe) -> Put BNC as the name of the shortcut -> 'Finish') and that way you can have easy access to the BNC program.

Once you have done all this, please continue on to the How To Use Guide to learn how to get connected to your BNC below.

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