tb01 bot - Vuln Tracking Engine phpbot


I do not visit a few weeks in the irc server, and because often the DALnet kejenuhanpun come back, and finally melucur to check all Indoirc and irc server list indonesia.

IndoIRC is one of the IRC server in addition to Indonesia allnetwork, Mildnet and Allindoserv. Many bot-bot on the incoming server IndoIRC, because people there do scanning of sites on the Internet that has a weakness so that the bot-bot who scattered into the IRC and used to run the RFI Bot Scanner and is also used for DDOS.


And the moment to see what is done by people in the old channel semaking more bots is in, and one of them is from sby.rad.net.id and finally tonight I also dare to report, although a bit long: D

Add a long-bot bot more advanced course, with some added search engine in php bot, which usually run only for the back door or to ddos, but now are more complex, and can do a search for a weakness of the site.

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