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Finally 2 Videoku so also, although with a large, as there is no edit, once in a direct and in direct convert to swf and upload in sitesled.

This video is a continuation of previous videos about Remote Desktop and UnrealIRCD, I own a previous study with only UnrealIRCD alias does not have the services and recently added services can be blessed in the friends who always DALnet teach and guide services that can run .

Enabling video terminal server and install unrealircd and services have many constraints, in addition to the loss of the flash in all data lost, along with remote desktop to the making of the video, but fortunately with a botscan scanning RFI can do so get a place to experiment.

enable Remote Desktop on Windows, especially Windows 2003 and Windows XP, depending on each server, sometimes on each server is not given direct access to the server and not allowed to run some commands, so that mengantifkan Remote Desktop can not be done. other than that port 3389 is the port that remote desktop can not be opened in the alias block, however, so can not be open, except administrators access itself.

unrealircd install the service with a couple of months ago I was trying to run it, either on the localhost or the public, on the localhost safe safe-course, and the public depends on the port that we run, I know unrealircd not trying to run the server on my own, but borrow from the servers that memili error / bug.