Found id RFI Scanner Php Udp Flood

After Some Old No online on the internet in the karenakan by various things, and one of them is no inspiration.

Finding inspiration to put into the blog and can not be separated from the help or google uncle and friend of the faithful that connects us to a place far away there.

While Exploring the Maya World Wide attempt to find something about an information can be used to share and to be divided.

Search for and find So finally at one of the web is a honeynet is, while you check the statistics of the RFI log and open one at the url address that is used as the id of botscanner, because the attacker does not rata2 direct jab at the target, but the work bots, inject, run ps and boots and run spread.

TOP Script

Php is a script run as a RFI en botscanner, where the id of the RFI botscanner used to check the sites that have holes or not the target mode ON or OFF so that the id can run spread. php script is used to host the men Ddos listed on the php source code.

TOP Script statistic RFI from

Spread Code from a php script that is used to run a botnet, and most of the botperl spread, many do not make changes to the spread, once executed botnet spread akan appear and depending on how itupun ip of the server that has been perforated by Botscan .

Botscan find a site that has an error and not all sites in the scan by RFI bot akan injekannya directly affected, who each have access to data in the system will look at acces.log