How To Register Web Channels On Dalnet

Finally, After Several stops on the Old IRC and try to learn more now, where we memili channel and I want to get on the web so that we can access the web channel into and even this has been completed register.

in fact all of the information is on webnya stay open and read: D

short words to get webchannel live mengetikan command in status.

/cs help set

-ChanServ-WEBPASSWD - Set your password web

-ChanServ-Command - SET WEBPASSWD
-ChanServ-Usage - SET <# channel> WEBPASSWD

nah from the binggung try mending directly, but previous Identify channelnya first.

I like this step by step

1. Identify channel
2. /msg SET #AnakDompu WEBPASSWD AnakDompuPasswordWebnya
3. open explorer
4. @ type ftp://AnakDompu:AnakDompuPasswordWebnya
5. Upload File
6. So also completed a web channel that in the register

a little explanation from the point 1 to 4
1. Identify first channel so that the bot services (ChanServ) know if you are Foundernya.
2. The command to set WEBPASSWD not yet clear if the type / cs help set WEBPASSWD
3. clear up we will open a explorer
4. address is entered in the address to which the AnakDompu is the name of the channel is password AnakDompuPasswordWebnya web is the place where the ftp server that is