Many spammers Inviter and scattered on the irc

Once a lot to make way for a channel irc (Internet Relay Chat) penggunjung busy, in addition to the various bot EGGDROP / windrop / botphp, but if a channel in the meet by the bot-bot is called the channel filler.

How many owners channel operator or channel to channel them in addition to jazz up the bot, that is to do with the spamming of user-user log in on the channels and doing great "autogreat" in the DALnet is one of the things that can make us akill affected because massinviter and autogreat, but sometimes people's average use bot as a tool to do the spamming / inviting to the user-user on the irc server.

To overcome this there is only one way that is set on the +R mode nick us to avoid the insertion of spam, and only users who have been nicknya who register can submit a message to us.

set mode command is + R: //mode $me +R and the like to restore the original //mode $me -R