SMTP IceWarp Merak Mail Server

The IceWarp Mail Server Software is a revolutionary system that integrates hundreds of robust technologies to provide phone-like reliability for your e-mail communication all in an easy-to-manage interface.

Views from Merak mail server

Adding Users and to add new domains will be made from the mail server IceWarp Merak mail server

Adding New Users in there are 6 steps:
Selecting the Domain will be used as a domain user from the new

The second step is Entering a Username and Fullname from the user will be created

three steps to enter the password and repeat the password

select the permision of the four steps of the new user will be created: Standard Account type with POP3, IMAP or POP3 and IMAP

Step By Step Add New user For SMTP

fifth step of the new user that will be created if agreed in the next click

last steps to notify the user that has finished in the end to make and click finish

Finish Step By Step Add New user For SMTP